founded in 1927 
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Collaborative paintings with Judy Collins 
Through The Gaps 
40 x 40cm 
mixed media 
First Light 
60cm x 60cm 
mixed media 
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Peter Wray 
was trained as a painter, extending his practice into printmaking in the early 1970s, after being exposed to the richness and unique expressive power of the intaglio surface. With his background in painting, and being largely self-taught as a printmaker, the integration of painterly methodology into the graphic process was a natural development, and it is this combination of approach which gives his work its distinctive style. 
His prints and paintings exist in their own right, as the results of a discourse between himself and the work, or the activity of working, and invite the viewer to complete the picture from the resources of his or her own experience. It is not the intention of any piece of work to demand a specific position in our interpretation of it. More simply, it is an invitation to 'share' and cogitate. Wray does not choose to conceptualise his imagery, preferring rather to use the work, and the activity of working, as a vehicle for reflection: a means of bringing the unconscious into consciousness. 
His work over recent years has investigated the concept of the personal ‘journey’, in terms of geography, chronology, narrative and spirituality, and, above and beyond the journey itself, has focused on the notion of the ‘starting-point’ and the ‘journey’s end’ as elements of reflection within his own experience and resulting philosophy. The work, and the activity of making, becomes a vehicle for reflection in its own right, and by its very nature, becomes part of the journey itself. 
Peter Wray is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE), and teaches regular courses in printmaking from his studio in Stockton-on-the Forest, York, UK 
Peter Wray Prints  
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