founded in 1927 
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Earth Movement 
Porcelain with other clays under tension 
Energised Water (detail) 
Porcelain with beach pebbles 
Upsurge (detail) Porcelain with China Clay 
Clay formed on rocks 
Cligga Head 
Clay formed on rocks from Cligga Head 
Clay formed from rocks 
Clay formed from rocks 
China Clay encapsulated in acrylic on granite 
China Clay encapsulated in acrylic on 
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Jenny Beavan 
Ceramic Artist in Residence with Imerys Minerals 
Fal valley China Clay Pits 2001 -2002 
Buell Driers, Par Docks 2008-2009 
I am particularly interested in movement in relation to Natural change, as seen in changed states of matter -decay, disintegration, relocation and reformation - in particular the role water plays in this action. 
I make regular visits to the china clay pits and their associated industrial sites in the St Austell area to observe the 'importance' of water in the production of china clay. In particular the way 'man' uses water in order to extract china clay from its original matrix and also to use water as a form of transportation throughout all the subsequent separation and refinement operations. 
It is from these observations and from the indigenous materials gathered that I have discovered a variety of processes that I can call on to interpret my ideas. These processes are capable of creating scenarios of 'surprise' and 'insights' as each piece of work evolves and transforms throughout the activities of making, drying and finishing. 
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