founded in 1927 
I was born in Allahabad, India, and lived in India for the first 14 years of my life. My father was in the British Army, and we moved around constantly, sometimes every 6 months. I feel that the constant change, and the colours that I saw around me, had a profound effect on the art that I produce. Although I have had no academic training in art, I found that I knew how to draw and paint instinctively, and as for selecting colours to paint with – that has been no problem at all! 
I have travelled extensively throughout my life – moving to Australia twice, but always returning to England, the land I love. 
I had a career in commerce until 1986. After 2 years in Spain, I again came back to England – this time to St Ives in Cornwall, where I decided to become a serious artist. 
Development as an artist 
In St Ives for the past 10 years or so, I have had the good fortune to come under the influence of a great art teacher (John Charles Clark) a man of exceptional qualities. John has encouraged me to paint from the imagination – the road has been a tough one, but I am grateful for all his support during the early days. He still advises me now and most of what he has to say is still relevant. 
My particular “gift” is an ability to use colour in an intuitive way. Although my work covers many subjects and ways of depicting those subjects, there will always be this one constant strand – colour. 
There are several galleries where my work can be seen in the UK including London, as well as one in Las Vegas. I have had 4 major shows at the Mariners Gallery, St Ives. 
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