founded in 1927 
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The Mount From Perranuthnoe 
The Tinners Trail 
Magic Arbour 
Coastal Curves 
Warm Light Over Mousehole Harbour 
Misty Morning Bay 
Pendeen Lighthouse 
Jubilee Pool 
Porthleven Rooftops 
Quiet Moments 
Follow The Night 
New Morning 
The Fisherman's Hut 
Mountain Road 
Silent Light 
Veiled Moon 
The First Visitors 
The Vigil 
Ding Dong Dusk 
A guide to linocuts. 
A linocut is an "original print" - and there are no digital or photographic processes involved. - - Unlike giclee and reproduction prints used in other media, such as magazines, but also including all the Van Gogh 'Sunflowers ' that adorn peoples'walls,.- or the popular modern work of artists like Jack Vettriano - these are reproductions, and NOT original prints. Some artists have reproductions of their paintings for sale at very cheap prices. They are able to sell them like this because they are cheaply made reproductions; but NEVER originals! 
A design is transfered by hand onto each piece of lino, and successive amounts of lino are carved away physically using 'v' or 'u' shaped gouges (not unlike woodcarving or woodcutting tools) and the remaining surface of the lino is inked up with a rubber roller. 
Paper is then placed over the inked lino and the whole then rolled thru a press (usually looking like an old-fashioned mangle - my first press was a converted mangle!) 
Each colour on a linocut print represents another piece of lino, or the same piece with elements of the previous colour carved away(the reduction method.) 
Each colour, made with ink similar to oil paint, has to be completely dry before the next colour is applied. 
Small 'editions' are made - each individual piece of paper is registered and re-registered for every colour used. 
My linocuts usually have no more than14-16 in an edition, (maximums of 30 on occasion) so a print is numbered ie 1/16 2/16 and so on.....there can be slight colour variations and differences-- ---but each print is printed on its own, and is therefore 'an original'.Click on this text to edit it. 
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Carol Lander 
Born in Kent, but lived in Cornwall since the age of seven. While bringing up her daughter and earning her living as an artist's model, barmaid, and later running a business with her partner, she studied art as a part-time student at the Penzance School of Art. Her main interests are the human figure, landscape and natural forms and patterns.  
Carol is self-taught as a printmaker and specialises in richly coloured multi-block lino-cut prints, and has recently started etching.  
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