founded in 1927 
St Ives has been a melting pot of inspiration for artists for over 100 years. The draw of the breathtaking scenery, and the rich colours that reflect off the crystal clear seas makes St Ives the perfect place for artists to express their creative talents.  
The St Ives Society of Artists was formed by marine artist George Fagan Bradshaw in 1927.  
The Society’s exhibition programmes feature work chosen by guest curators, and invited exhibitions that are a diverse mix of contemporary visual art. 
Gallery Opening Times  
10.30-5.30 Monday - Saturday  
(Sundays From April 2-5pm) 
2015 Programme 
Members' Spring Show 
14th February - 22nd April 
Spring Open Exhibition 
25th April -  
20th May 
Members' Summer Show 
23rd May -  
8th July 
Printmakers & Ceramics Show 
11th July -  
2nd August 
Members Festival Show 
5th August - 4th November 
Camberwell School of Art 
7th November -  
28th November 
Christmas Open Exhibition 
2nd December -  
2nd January 
Original Artwork Raffle 
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